Identity Theft Recovery

Most consumers have heard about identity theft in one shape or another. While most of us think this could never happen to us, the shocking truth is identity theft is actually on the rise. This could be because more sophisticated equipment is available that allows hackers to access our personal information or because we have become more dependent on debit and credit cards to pay for our purchases, even small ones.

Why you may need a Houston identity theft lawyer

As difficult as it may be to fathom being a victim of identity theft, you might be surprised to know this may not be the only time you’ll be victimized. As a consumer, once you identify fraudulent activity in your bank account or on a credit card, your troubles may just be starting. Some of the potential problems you could face include:

  • Having fraudulent transactions removed – identifying bad transactions is hard enough but then you have to work with your creditors as well as the three major credit bureaus to have the information removed from your credit
  • Proving you didn’t authorize the transactions – while it may be easy to prove some transactions were not made by you, others may require additional forms of proof before they are removed
  • Paying for fraudulent transactions – while most financial institutions have limits on how much they expect a customer to pay for fraudulent transactions, not all do. As a victim, you should not be held responsible for any debts run up on your credit report without your authorization

Recovering from identity theft is no easy matter. The more complicated the transaction, the more difficult the recovery. Texas residents who have had their identity stolen and need help with the process of restoring their good credit and fighting off claims for fraudulent debts are encouraged to call The Trevino Law Firm. Our goal is to help ensure you pay nothing for debts run up that you did not approve and make sure your good name is cleared.