Firm Overview

A Texas Lawyer to Help With Your Consumer Debt Defense

Being in debt, with collectors calling you daily and threatening lawsuits  is a frightening thing. At the Trevino Law Firm we fight for consumer rights every single day. You don’t have to be the victim and take abuse from lenders, credit card companies, mortgage brokers, car dealers or collection agencies; we know the law and will use it to keep you from being sued, having your vehicle repossessed, or your home foreclosed on. We can help you stand up to the scare tactics and bullying that creditors and collectors employ.

What It’s Like to Work with the Trevino Law Firm

The Trevino Law Firm focuses on consumer debt defense and Attorney Trevino is well-versed in state and federal laws that will protect you against your creditors. Laws that protect you are used as weapons against unscrupulous debt collectors, thus leveling the playing field for consumers.

We know that there could be any number of causes for your current financial situation and we listen to you without judging your and treat you courteously and professionally at all times. At your consultation, we’ll ask questions to further understand your situation and provide you with a complete analysis of your financial situation, and give you aggressive strategies which will enable you to get on the path to financial well-being as quickly as possible. Sugar-coating reality isn’t something we do; we’re honest and straightforward with you and will let you know, based on our experience helping hundreds of other individuals, what you can expect as an outcome.

Let the Trevino Law Firm Help You

Located in Houston, the Trevino Law Firm is run by Attorney Lu Ann Trevino and has served Texas residents for nearly a decade. Attorney Trevino is passionate about helping people resolve their debt issues without going through the lengthy and complex process of bankruptcy or consolidation. Contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation so we can learn your needs and offer you the assistance you need.