Fight Foreclosure!

If you are facing home foreclosure, it is time to get your financial life back on track by taking positive legal action. The Trevino Law Firm, in Houston, TX, has foreclosure solutions and more consumer debt defense options ready to help you get through this difficult time.

Houston Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Attorney Trevino started The Trevino Law Firm in December of 2003, as a solo practitioner, to follow her desire to focus on important projects like consumer advocacy. This is an area of law she enjoys, especially when her work enables clients to get through stressful situations and move forward in their lives, unencumbered by debt or the threatened loss of their homes through foreclosure.

Use the Law to Defend Your Home

Being threatened with loss of your home to foreclosure is an emotionally painful situation, but there are legal solutions available to defend your home. Attorney Lu Ann Trevino knows how to use protective consumer laws as weapons against unscrupulous debt collectors and others to help you realistically battle against abusive tactics by creditors and to resolve foreclosure actions. She will work up an affordable 360 analysis of your financials and provide aggressive strategies, so you can get back to working on your future again, without distraction.

There are legal ways to defend against foreclosure and unfair credit practices in Texas. Contact Attorney Lu Ann Trevino at The Trevino Law Firm, Houston, TX, today, to discuss your personal situation. It is time to move forward again, without fear. Call (713) 341-7550 for your debt consultation.